ASA Electronics OEC1550 Stereo System User Manual

OEC1550 Troubleshooting Guide
Radio will not turn ON
Try the reset button on the radio.
Check fuse on the radio.
Confirm 12V+ on battery wire to radio (YELLOW wire).
Confirm 12V+ on accessory wire to radio (RED wire).
Confirm Ground.
Radio turns ON, but no sound
Verify Volume¸ Fader/Balance¸ Mute controls are set correctly (see owners
Try RESET button.
Verify proper speaker connections.
Check for shorts or opens on speaker wires.
CD does not load fully
Make sure unit has power and no other CD is currently inside.
Inspect radio’s chassis to verify shipping screw(s) have been removed.
CD does not play correctly
Check to make sure disc is inserted correctly.
Verify disc is free from dirt, scratches, etc.
Check with factory CDs.
Check factory original CDs for compatibility warnings (due to various copy-
protection, multi-media content, etc).
Disc skips during playback – verify you have not exceeded 30 degrees mounting
No AM or FM reception
Verify you are tuned to a valid station.
Check your antenna connection on rear of stereo.