ASA Electronics AM/FM RADIO WITH AUDIO CASSETTE PLAYER Stereo System User Manual

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direction of play; FAST will appear on the display panel. To stop rewind move-
ment, lightly push the fast- forward button until the rewind button disengages;
FAST will disappear from the display panel
To manually reverse tape direction and play the other side of the cassette,
lightly push both the fast-forward and rewind buttons at the same time. The
change of direction will be shown by the arrows on the display panel.
Tape playback is stopped and the cassette is ejected by pressing this button,
which also has the function of switching over to radio operation.
NOTE: Do not leave a cassette engaged in the player when not in use. Doing
so can cause damage to the cassette and/or mechanism of the unit. Always
press the eject button and remove the cassette when leaving the vehicle
During radio operation, press this button to call the frequency display on the
quartz clock. Radio operation will continue uninterrupted. The time display will
return 5 seconds later and will remain until another band and/or frequency is
sleceted. The frequency/band display will appear for approximately 5s, and
then revert to the time display as before.
During radio operation,each time this button is pressed, the radio band is
changed. The indication AM1.AM2,FM1,FM2 or FM3 will appear on the
display panel according to your selection. When FM reception is weak
and/or AM1 or AM2 is selected, the stereo (ST) indication will disappear
from the display.
This button is used to select the radio or the TAPE player playback and AUX
mode. Each press of the button will select a different mode as indicated on
the display panel.
The pre-set number (M1-6) will appear on the display panel, indicating that
the station is now set into that pre-set memory position. The station can now
be recalled at any time by pressing that button.
4. Repeat the above procedure for the remaining 5 presets on that band and
for the other 4 bands on the unit.
Press this button to automatically scan the FM or AM radio band in the upward
direction. When a reasonably strong station is detected, the station frequency
is displayed for 5 seconds. If no other button is pressed within this time frame,
the scan operation resumes and stops at the next available station. This opera-
tion will continue until the SCAN button is pressed again to halt the scan mode.
The radio provides access to the weather band for local weather information.
Press the WB button to switch the radio from AM/FM reception to the weather
band. WB will appear on the display. Pressing the TUNE + or - button for more
than 2s will search the weather band for the strongest signal. Pressing the
TUNE + or TUNE - button will now access weather channels up or down.
When the WB button is pressed again, radio operation returns to the previous
FM or AM station, and WB1-7 disappears from the display. It is normal to re-
ceive only one station in a given locale due to the design of the Weather radio
Hold the cassette with the exposed tape edge to the right and insert into the
cassette door. Depress fully until the cassette is engaged and begins playing.
TAPE and the tape directional arrow will appear on the display. When the
cassette reaches the end on the side of the tape being played, the unit will
automatically change direction of play as shown by the arrows on the display
panel and play the other side of the cassette. NOTE: observe cassette opera-
tion cautions in the care and maintenance section of this manual
pushing the fast-forward button will cause the tape to move rapidly in the
forward direction of play; FAST will appear on the display panel. To stop fast-
forward movement, lightly push the rewind button until the fast-forward button
disengages; FAST will disappear from the display panel
Pushing the rewind button will cause the tape to move rapidly in the reverse