Aphex Systems 1100 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Improving the way the world sounds
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crafted new
breed of
advanced tube
microphone pre-
amplifier reaches far
beyond mere technical
excellence to deliver
sound that is uniquely
involving, compelling, and
real. Our incredible new 2
channel Model 1100 gives you
up to 20dB more headroom
than conventional preamps,
allowing you to record hotter tracks
with the highest possible digital resolution.
This unprecedented amount of headroom,
combined with an EIN of -135dB, allows you
to take more gain without the pain of overload
distortion or noise.
To achieve this amazing performance, we developed new
proprietary circuitry - here’s a taste...
Discrete Class A Bipolar PNP Solid State Front End
Second Stage Reflected Plate Amplifier™ Tube Circuit
Sweepable Low Frequency Cancellation Filter (LoCaF™)
MicLim™ limiter on the microphone itself makes the 1100
virtually crash proof
Drift Stabilized™ A/D Circuitry eliminates the need for high
pass filtering in the digital domain
Third Stage Reflected Plate Amplifier Tube Circuit Discrete Class A
Impedance Balanced Output Stage
Compare this to any other mic preamp in the world -
you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits of ‘More Gain with No Pain’.
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