AMX NXA-WAP2410A Stereo System User Manual

10dBi yagi antenna
The NXA-WAP2410A 10dBi yagi antenna can be used as a bridge
between two networks or for point-to-point communications. They
e field adjustable for vertical or horizontal polarization with matched
principal plane beamwidths for optimum performance in either
orientation. This design also provides improved front-to-back ratio and
sidelobe suppression that reduces interference. All models feature a
robust mounting structure for consistent performance regardless of
weather conditions.
• Field adjustable to allow vertical or horizontal polarity. Eliminates
co-channel interference from neighboring radiators. Polarity markings
molded on the antenna ensure installation in the correct orientation.
• Optional, articulating mount. Allows precise adjustment of the
antenna both vertically and horizontally.
All antennas include a robust mast mount bracket designed to
withstand 125 mph wind.
Matched principal plane beamwidths with excellent sidelobe
suppression and cross-polarization rejection of more than 20 dB.
ovides superior signal quality with enhanced gain per
and minimal interference from neighboring radiators.
• 23 dB front-to-back ratio permits less physical separation on the
tower thus adding mounting flexibility at installation sites where
space is limited.
• Attractive weather-proof radome constructed of UV resistant material.
Provides robust and trouble-free use in harsh outdoor environments.