AMX NXA-WAP2405A Stereo System User Manual

5dBi omnidirectional antenna
The NXA-WAP2405A 5dBi omnidirectional antenna is designed to be rack
and/or ceiling mountable. Its broad elevation plane radiation patter
n has
been shaped to dir
ect energy where it is needed, while suppressing the
misdirected upper and lower sidelobe energy. The result is excellent cov-
erage for a variety of in-building applications.
• Optimized radiation pattern focuses energy where it is needed
while suppressing upper and lower sidelobe energy.
• UL Plenum rated RG58 coax cable and UL94-V0 radome meet the
strictest safety specifications.
• Includes a 1/4-20 insert that allows for easy installation clipping to
a ceiling tile rail or the top of most racks.