AmpliVox S1135 Stereo System User Manual

A Complete Audio System Built Into a Stylish Lectern
The Sound Column Lectern Covers Audiences up to 1,500.
Features / Specifications
Exclusive AmpliVox 50 watt multimedia ste-
reo amplifier. Battery powered or AC.
Auxiliary input stereo jack with separate vol-
ume and tone controls for a CD player, tape
player or LCD computer projector.
Line out jack for a tape recorder. You can
record your presentation as it is happening.
Hand Microphone (Model S2030A).
Professional, low impedance, cardioid
pattern, dynamic microphone, steel case.
On-off switch. Frequency response 50-
15,000 Hz; 15 ft. cable. Flexible gooseneck,
shock mount mic holder.
3 mic inputs (dynamic, condenser with
phantom power, WIRELESS) can be used at
the same time.
2 Built-in Jensen design 6-in. x 8-in. oval
Dual Wireless Capability SW wireless
series SW805A Amplifier with built-in wire-
less receiver allows 2 people to be wireless
simultaneously with second wireless mic kit.
On-off switch with LED power indicator light.
1 jack for optional external AC Adapter/
High Pressure Laminate with scratch-resis-
tant finish in light oak, medium oak, walnut,
Sculpted radius base with four hidden cast-
ers, 2 locking.
Dimensions: 15”D x 21”W x 46.5”H. 85 lbs.
Runs on 10 D-cell alkaline batteries for
up to 200 hours of talk time, S1460
International AC Adapter/Recharger
(110/240V; 50/60Hz), S1465 NiCad
Rechargeable Battery Pack (requires
S1460). All Sold Separately.
The SW505 has a built-in wireless receiver.
2 presenters can be wireless at the same
time and roam up to 300 feet.
Effective 9/15/08 Updated 9/10/08
S1100 Reading Lamp
Clips on to your lectern, AC power,
25 watt bulb, with 8-ft. cord.
S1135 Clip on GIG Light
Clips on to your lectern, LED light, battery powered.
PHONE: (800) 267-5486
FAX: (800) 267-5489
Complete Lectern
S505, SW505
Limited 6 Year Warranty Made in the U.S.A.
3995 Commercial Ave., Northbrook, IL 60062
High pressure laminate with scratch-resistant finish.
Light oak,
Medium oak,
Color choices:
Quick Look:
Wired, Wireless, Non-Sound
Audience Size: 1,500
Room Size: 15,000 sq. ft.
SPL 106 dB
UL & CE Listing
Built-in Flush Mount AMP
2 Jensen Speakers
Cardioid Dynamic Wired Mic
Storage Space
High Pressure Laminate
Made in USA
6 Year Warranty
S1970 Lectern Cover
Water resistant with zipper.
Model # Shpg. Wt. MSRP
S505 85 lbs. 1,208.00
SW505 85 lbs. 1,500.00
W505 72 lbs. 496.00
S1100 1 lbs. 64.00
S1135 2 lbs. 72.00
S1970 7 lbs. 102.00
EXECUTIVE SOUND COLUMN LECTERN Includes 50 Watt Amp, 2 built-in speakers, Cardioid Dynamic Mic with
Flexible Gooseneck, Shock mount mic holder, reading table 20 ¾-in. W x 16 ½-in. D
WIRELESS EXECUTIVE SOUND COLUMN LECTERN As above with built-in wireless receiver: Plus your choice of
wireless lapel mic, headset mic or handheld mic and transmitter, reading table 20 ¾-in. W x 16 ½-in. D
NON-SOUND EXECUTIVE SOUND COLUMN LECTERN - reading table 20 ¾-in. W x 16 ½-in. D
READING LAMP - Clip-on, AC, 25 watt bulb, 8-ft. cord
CLIP ON GIG LIGHT - Battery powered clip on Halogen light. Requires 4 AA batteries not included.
LECTERN PROTECTIVE COVER - with zipper. Brown vinyl. Water resistant. Fits 26-in.W x 21-in.D x 43-in.H