Amphony 1200 Stereo Receiver User Manual

ã 2000 Amphon
2000 1
2.4 GHz Digital Audio Receiver/ Amplifier Model 1200
Product Specification
· 200 W Output Power
· Digital (class D) amplifier
· 94 dB Dynamic Range
· 90 % power efficiency
· Avoids quality losses due to audio
· 128 times digital interpolation filter stage and
analog filter stage
· Range of up to 300 ft (line of sight)
· Avoids reception errors by employing
½ rate forward error correction
· Mute Function
· No switch-on/ switch-off plops
· Short-circuit Safe Output
· Only one supply voltage required
· Power-Down Feature
· Wireless home theater systems
· Wireless hi-fi stereo speaker systems
General Description
The Model 1200 receiver/ amplifier will receive
a digital audio signal that is being transmitted in
the 2.4 GHz range by either the Model 1000 or
Model 2000 transmitter. The recovered audio
signal will pass a digital as well as an analog
filter stage to eliminate out-of-band components
and is amplified to the maximum output power
of 200 W to drive a speaker unit.
By receiving the signal in a digital format, noise
and quality losses that are inherent with
conventional analog systems are avoided.
The Model 1200 receiver/ amplifier will apply
forward error correction to the received signal in
order to maximize reception robustness.
The amplifier is a digital (class D) amplifier. The
typical power efficiency is 90 %.
The Model 1200 receiver/ amplifier will enter a
Power-Down Mode if no valid signal is received.
It will return to active mode when a valid signal
is detected.