Arcam FMJ Series Home Theater System User Manual

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combinations: a guide to arcam’s home cinema products
Looking for a home-cinema system to buy, but unsure what will work
best? Arcam produce a comprehensive range of products through our
FMJ and DiVA series. Below are some of our best combinations to suit
different budget and system requirements….
arcam’s premium range high fidelity home cinema combination,
fmj dv27a dvd player, av8 preamp processor and p7 power amplifier
FMJ DV27A DVD audio player
Arcam’s class-leading DVD player makes
the grade as a fine CD player in its own right and
also offers DVD-Audio playback, outperforming
other players both in DVD performance and CD
playback sound quality.
FMJ AV8 preamp processor
Arcam’s award-winning processor provides the
ultimate in quality sound and video performance
for cutting-edge home cinema installations. It
features state-ofthe- art engineering and we have
ensured it will be the best long-term choice in
a fast-changing industry
FMJ P7 power amplifier
The P7 multichannel power amplifier is a
completely modular design that will deliver
breathtaking results from both music and home
cinema sources. It will enthrall even the most
experienced and discerning listener.
“Thanks to the Arcam AV8 preamp processor and DV27A DVD player, we have discovered
and explored a whole new higher plateau in surround sound. This higher plateau goes way
beyond Wow! You don't say Wow. You don't say anything. You can't say anything. You
don't move. You can't move. You sit there, immersed, enthralled, captivated, transfixed.”
Peter Moncrieff Widescreen Review