3M XT-1 Headphones User Manual

Instructions for G5 Headset Controls and Battery Charging (continued)
Removing Batteries
• Use your finger to gentle press up
on the battery latch. This will release
the battery as shown in Image 1.
• Using your finger nail, gently pull the
discharged battery from the battery
housing as shown in Image 2.
• Insert a fully charged battery in the
housing with the notch on the battery
facing upward. Ensure the battery is
fully inserted.
Headset Cleaning
• For good health and hygiene, every headset should be cleaned on a regular schedule.
• Before cleaning, remove the battery and the soft foam ear pad from the headset.
• Use a damp soft cloth to wipe the surfaces clean. We recommend using a
5040/7065 Cleaning Wipe or a Scotch-Brite
High Performance Cloth.
• DO NOT soak the headset or immerse it in water; you might damage the electronics.
• DO NOT bend the microphone boom.
Charging Batteries
To charge a battery, insert the battery in
one of the Charging Stations or place the
G5 headset (with the battery inserted)
into the Headset Charger slot as shown.
• The LED(s) on the battery will now flash
Green indicating the battery is currently
being charged.
• All four LEDS will be lit Green (steady)
to indicate the battery is fully charged.
• Charge batteries after every shift.
G5 Battery Indicator Light Modes
Indicator (LEDs from Top) Mode Description
Battery is out of G5 battery
charger and the button has
been pressed and held down.
Each LED represents
25% charge.
All 4 LEDs Lit Green (Steady)
100% charge
3 LEDs Lit Green (Steady)
75% charge
2 LEDs Lit Green (Steady)
50% charge
1 LED Lit Green (Steady)
25% charge
Battery is in charger and
is currently charging.
Each LED represents
25% charge.
1st LED Flashing Green
up to 25% charge
2nd LED Flashing Green
up to 50% charge
3rd LED Flashing Green
up to 75% charge
4th LED Flashing Green
up to 100% charge
Battery end of life.
Top and Bottom LEDs Lit Green
Replace the battery
Bottom LED
Image 1
Battery Charger
Image 2
Headset Charging Station